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Heidi Talbot’s latest album, Sing it For A Lifetime, was recorded in one room soundproofed while she cared for her daughters and negotiated her divorce from her husband of eleven years. The record was created in the aftermath of her divorce from John McCusker, a folk musician. It contains tracks she felt were too personal. However, she claims that it was therapeutic to make.

Heidi shared her thoughts with The Irish World, “I believe there’s a lot healing in making music.”

“So making the album was definitely healing. There’s also a lot to sort out and process when you write, I believe. “I suppose it helps you to organize your thoughts.

“It’s been great to make new music, especially during the pandemic. Music, yoga, and mindfulness really helped me get through the past couple of years. “It’s been difficult for everyone. It’s not been the best two years for most people. “And then, you come out of it, things look brighter and I am excited about the future.

“And this will be my first solo album in almost seven years, so it’s very exciting. It feels like it’s finally time. John produced most of Heidi’s previous albums. He was Heidi’s partner in life and music. However, she was able to make the record without him and experiment with a new kind of record. “This record is very personal. I experienced major life changes while making it.

“I felt that I had to stand on my feet.”

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